Thursday, March 8, 2012
Hi tumblr! My dash appears to have a lot of feelings today and I have feelings in return. Read mores don’t seem to work but I will try my best. 
  • If you’re going to try to get fans of other ships to agree with you, you probably shouldn’t start by arguing that Darren is the cast member that gets the most shit from fandom about his acting on the show wrt ships. Because um, one, that’s straight up untrue (Chris? Heather? Anyone?) but also who the fuck cares? The treatment of the cast by fandom has 0 bearing on a discussion about whether or not there is parity for the queer couples of Glee. 
  • Nobody wins the oppression olympics, yes, but denying that male privilege exists and that people can be oppressed under more than one mode of social oppression is actually really terrible and you shouldn’t do it. Yes, Brittany and Santana are treated like shit because queer characters are treated like shit on Glee. Yes, Kurt and Blaine are treated like shit because queer characters are treated like shit on Glee. Yes, Brittany and Santana are also treated like shit because Glee is misogynistic as fuck and hates most of its female characters. None of these are in dispute with one another. The good news for people trying to understand wtf is happening with Brittany/Santana in Glee: intersectionality! It exists! And because of it it’s pretty easy to understand that queer women are treated fundamentally different than queer men in media, that what little media attention that’s given to queer issues tends to focus on the narratives of gay white men, and that Santana as a lesbian woman of color faces barriers that Kurt as a white gay man does not. 
  • I see absolutely nothing wrong with starting a campaign to point out that all of Glee’s queer characters are discriminated against, because that’s true too. Media visibility is important and asking for parity is not entitled. I’ve been trying to think of a way to create a campaign that’s as easy to understand as sending postcards but that also encompasses all elements of why those characters are mistreated, and I can’t think of one. If anyone does, I’d be down for it too. 
  • No one has an obligation to participate in anything, especially if they feel that the campaign doesn’t address their issues and is making no efforts to react to them proactively. 
  • That said, framing the campaign as “straight Darren Criss fangirls” is also misogynistic and erasing, because it shames women and erases queer men and women who are involved with the campaign. 
  • If anyone wants to start a campaign to yell at Glee writers for their gross misogyny then I am on fucking board. Seriously, I’d do it myself but I don’t have nearly enough time on my hands to organize that kind of thing. Just tell me what foodstuff to send.